How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Treadmill


If you have a noisy treadmill and want to troubleshoot or identify the cause for the noise, we can help.

  • To begin verify if you are getting the noise with a user on the machine, without anyone on, or both
    • Noise during use can indicate an issue with the following:
      • Motor
      • Deck
      • Frame
      • Springs
      • Pivot points*
    • A loud grumbling noise that gets louder as speed increases, usually means you have a bad bearing
    • Any knocking noise coming from a treadmill indicates bad bearings in your front roller, rear roller or drive motor
      • Isolate the bearings in the front and rear rollers from the drive motor bearings
        • Unplug the machine and remove the main shroud
        • Remove the drive belt from the drive motor and front roller pulley.
      • Push the running belt backward or forward with just your hands while listening for noise
        • If you get any noise it is most likely coming from the front or rear roller
        • To isolate the noise from the two rollers you can loosen the belt and turn each roller by itself

  • If there was no noise with the first test, go ahead and start the machine at a low speed
    • You want to listen for noise
    • If you hear knocking or grumbling while the drive motor is running then the issue is in your drive motor

  • A lot of times simple maintenance will save your treadmill from noise.  You want to make sure and lubricate all the following areas:
    • Incline motor bolt
    • Incline motor shaft
    • Deck screws
    • Pivot points* on the bottom of your machine.  Metal on metal pivot points* are usually the culprit in most cases
    • Synthetic grease works best. Or, any spray on lubrication works fine if you do not want to remove hardware

This concludes how to troubleshoot your noisy treadmill and with the steps taken, you should now know the cause of noise on your treadmill.

* Pivot points are areas of high friction. There may be a bolt, washer, and nut attached to the base of your frame or any hinges on your folding type treadmills. Metal to metal needs to be lubricated to cut wear and tear of those areas.

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