Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope, Adjustable, 9' PVC Cord, Yellow and Black

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  • Description

    Get a Rope that Motivates You to Want to Jump with the Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope

    • The Buddy Lee Rope Master jump rope is the latest in innovation of all jump ropes and no matter what fitness level you are at, it will motivate you to want to jump
      • It has an innovative adjustment system that allows you to shorten and custom size the rope for your height in seconds
      • The aerodynamic rope cord is made of PVC and can easily be replaced like the swivel bearings 
      • Adjustable for people 6'9" and under
      • Black rope with yellow handles
        • 9" long handles
        • 9' long cord 
    • The 9" long handles are designed for both children and adults for easy execution of basic and advanced jumping skills for the serious adult or youth athlete/fitness buff
    • The jump rope is designed with a swivel bearing system that is engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action in all directions
    • The swivel-bearing wrench is specifically designed to secure and easily replace the swivel bearings to maintain years of hyperformance jumping
  • Features

    Color Yellow and Black
    Length 9 ft
    Weight 0.45 lbs.
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