WIPESPlus® Surface Disinfecting Wipes, Case, 6" x 8" Wipe, 4 Rolls per Case

Item# P22050
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These disinfecting wipes are great to have around the club, home and office. Fast acting wipes kill germs in as low as 1 minute!

  • Description

    Protect your Members and Employees against Harmful Microorganisms with the WIPESPlus® Surface Disinfecting Wipes

    • WIPESPlus® Disinfecting Wipes are towelettes that are strong enough to kill bacteria and staph, fungi and viruses while being gentle enough that you don't need gloves
    • Fast acting WIPESPlus® disinfecting wipes destroys or deactivates harmful microorganisms in as low as 1 minute
    • Ideal for door knobs, handles, counter tops/tables, and many more hard, non-porous surfaces
      • Use this wipe at the gym, in your home or office
    • Safe for use on plastic, laminates, metals, Plexiglas® screens and rubber
      • Gentle water based formula
      • Safe for Equipment
    • Case contains 4 rolls of wipes
      • Each roll is made up of 800 6" x 8" wipes, totaling 3200 wipes in each case
    • Registered in all 50 states
    • Kills Bacteria and Staph
    • Lemon scented
    • EPA registered
    • Lint free

    Fast Acting Surface Disinfectant Wipes Effectively Fights against Bacteria, Staph, Fungi & Viruses

    • Fast acting formula disinfects surfaces
    • Fights against:
      • Bacteria and Staph
        • Mycobacterium tuberculosis var. bosis
        • Pseudomonana aeruginosa
        • Staphylococcus aureus
        • Escherichia Coli 0113
        • Salmonella typhosa
      • Fungi
        • Trichophyton mentagrophytes
      • Viruses
        • Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus
        • Influenza virus type A1 (New Jersey)
        • Herpes simplex virus types 1 & 2
        • Influenza virus type B (Maryland)
        • Vaccinia virus
        • Polio Virus 1
        • HIV
  • Features

    Length 8 in
    Width 6 in
    Weight 52 lbs.
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