The Errors 70 to 79 currently only report on the AMT12 which includes the models 833, 835 and 885. The AMT12 utilizes a flat belt system to provide fluid movement and support to the stairarms. It is critical that the flat belts are replaced at a defined stride count. To ensure the stride count is maintained throughout the life of the AMT12, the stride count is stored on both the LPCA and the UPCA.If the UPCA is replaced, the LPCA will write the stride count to the EEPROM of the UPCA. If the LPCA is replaced, the stride count is written to the EEPROM of the UPCA.

When power is applied to the UPCA and LPCA, the stride count written on each of the EEPROMs will be compared to each other and to a set of preset stride conditions. If the stride count written on the EEPROMs do not match or meet the preset stride count condition, an error will be written to the error log or displayed to the user at the end of the workout summary.