Gym Equipment Wipes

The best solutions for keeping things clean at your facility.

From antibacterial wipes for your members' hands and bodies to sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for equipment to specialized wipes for cleaning and deodorizing a variety of surfaces, our vast selection of cleaning products will help keep germs at bay.

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Pre-moistened wipes containing a safe and effective sanitizer that is safe for use on the body, making it convenient for your members to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
Where Used: Body
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Sanitize & Disinfect

Hard Surfaces

Towelettes that are strong enough to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses while gentle enough for bare hands. Sanitizes most hard non-porous surfaces.
Where Used: Hard Surfaces, Plastics, Laminates, Metals, Plexiglass, Rubber
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Clean & Deodorize

Soft Surfaces

Scientifically advanced fitness equipment cleaning wipes that eliminate odors known to build up on soft surfaces.
Where Used: Metal, Rubber, Vinyl, Most Fitness Equipment Surfaces
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Stands & Racks

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