Err1 Error on Trotter/Cybex Elite, Pro and Sport Treadmills

Probable Cause

An Err1 error on the Trotter/Cybex Sport, Elite and Pro treadmills including models 450t, 500t, 515t, 520t, and 530t indicates no speed signal either because the motor is not turning or the signal is not being received. The following are possible causes for an Err1 error:
a) Speed calibration is needed
b) Speed sensor is faulty, dirty or needs adjusted
c) Motor brushes
d) Drive motor
e) Display cable
f) Lower board

Corrective Action

a) Perform speed calibration.
b) Check speed sensor; Visually inspect the speed sensor and speed disk or target on the flywheel for dust/debris, scratches or other damage.  Clean both if necessary.  Replace target if damaged.  Also, inspect the sensor gap and adjust if necessary.  Gap should be 3/16" between the sensor and flywheel.
c) Inspect the drive motor brushes; Replace if necessary.
d) Test motor; Checking current draw and motor voltage.  Replace drive motor if necessary.
e) Inspect the display cable and connections.  Replace display cable if necessary.
f) Check lower board; Replace if necessary.

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