StarTrac 6400 Bike Key Down Error

Probable Cause

A) User may have been pressing keys before the system turned on.
B) Faulty keypad.

Corrective Action

A) Instruct the user on proper usage of the machine.
B) Massage the keypad and feel for depressed key(s).
  • Massaging the keypad may release a stuck key if present.
    • If the message is still present, perform a KEYPAD test from diagnostics.
      • Access the maintenance mode by pressing and holding the 0, 2, and OK keys together.
      • A beep will sound, MAINTENANCE SETTINGS will appear in the information window.
      • Press SCROLL until KEYPAD TEST shows in the information window.
        • If any keys do not respond during the keypad test, the keypad should be replaced.
      • Press OK to exit the test.

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