Err3 Error on Trotter/Cybex Pro, Sport and Elite Treadmills

Probable Cause

An Err3 error on the Trotter/Cybex Elite, Sport and Pro treadmills including models 450t, 500t, 515t, 520t and 530t indicates the speed sense or signal is lost. The possible causes for this error are:
a) Speed sensor
b) Lower board
c) Drive motor
d) Display cable

Corrective Action

a) Inspect the speed sensor and speed disk/target; Clean both if necessary.  Replace speed disk/target if necessary.  Adjust gap of sensor to flywheel if necessary.  Replace speed sensor if necessary.
b) Check lower board; Replace if necessary.
c) Test drive motor; Checking for current draw and voltage.  Replace motor if necessary.
d) Inspect display cable; Reset connections or replace cable if necessary.

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