Precor Error 77, AMT UPCA Stride Count Greater than the LPCA

Probable Cause

The LPCA was replaced with a LPCA from another AMT12 with a recorded stride count greater than the UPCA

Corrective Action

No action is required. This event has been recorded to the error log.

  • If you are swapping a PCA board to perform troubleshooting, note the process to prevent the stride count odometer from being prematurely overwritten:
    • When you stop pedaling the AMT, the AMT will pause for 20 seconds, and then give a 10 second workout summary (which is when the records are written)
    • After the PCA board is replaced and testing the AMT is complete, you will need to unplug the data cable within the 20 second pause period to prevent the summary from happening
    • If the AMT is prevented from going into the summary, the stride count will not be overwritten
    • When testing is complete make sure that each PCA board is replaced in the original unit from which it was removed
    • The only exception to this would be if you find a bad board that needs to be replaced
    • All of these functions will place a code (70-79) in the error log, and they should be cleared before returning the unit to use