LifeFitness 9500 Treadmill Notify Maintenance Lift Error

Probable Cause

A) Limit/Home switch in tracking sensor may be stuck.
B) Limit/Home switch is bad.
C) Damaged wire harness or poor connections at control board and lift motor.
D) Lift belt has improper tension.
E) Lift motor is faulty.

Corrective Action

A) Inspect limit/home switch to verify it isn't stuck. If the switch is stuck, tap on the limit/home switch to free it.

B) Access the incline manual mode in diagnostics by pressing 9, 1, 9, ENTER and then pressing HILL program key. If the lift motor doesn't operate, replace the limit/home switch.

C) Inspect the wire harnesses and connections at the control board and the lift motor. Repair or replace any damaged wire harnesses or connections if necessary.

D) Remove the running belt and deck to inspect the lift mechanism. Check the lift belt for proper tension (80 ft/lbs) and re-tension if necessary.

E) Inspect the lift motor for excessive wear or damage. Replace lift motor if necessary.

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