Trotter 685 and 900T Treadmill Error 2

Probable Cause

1. Bad speed sensor.
2. Bad connection or gap of the speed sensor.
3. Faulty motor or wiring.
4. Motor controller failure.

Corrective Action

  1. Check speed sensor. Speed sensor should provide a reading of 1K – 1.4K ohms. If the speed sensor provides proper ohms, can the speed sensor magnet pickup a 9/16" wrench? If not, replace the speed sensor.
  2. Check speed sensor gap and cable connection. Inspect cable for crimped or broken wires and ensure good connection to board. Speed sensor gap should be .015" - .040" (.0381 – .1016 cm).
  3. Inspect wiring, test motor and replace if necessary.
  4. Swap motor controller with known good board.

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