LifeFitness 9100, 9500 Next Gen and 9700 Treadmills Motor Controller Comm Bad Error

Probable Cause

Loose wire harness.

Corrective Action

Check Harness Between Lift and Controller -P9/P3
  • Reset connections at wax / lift PCB connector P9 and motor controller PCB connector P3. 

Functional Description
The Wax /Lift /Power Supply Board acts as a junction board which interfaces with the:

  • Display Console,
  • Frame Tag,
  • Home Switch,
  • Lift Motor,
  • Wax Motor, and
  • Power Supply
Wax / Lift Power Control Board


Motor Controller PCB
Motor Controller PCB

Functional Description
The Motor Controller PCB is a single phase AC input PWM variable frequency three(3) phase AC output motor controller. Specifically the controller input is configured as a full wave bridge for 230 volt AC input, and as a voltage doubler for 120 volt AC input. The resultant DC bus voltage is processed through a microprocessor controlled six switch DC to AC inverter. The output is three phase power with pulse width modulation of both voltage and frequency.

NOTE: The motor controller design utilizes a 'hot' supply. This means the entire board will be at elevated potentials relative to earth ground any time the circuit is active. All measurements should be conducted with isolated equipment. Additionally there is considerable energy stored within the circuitry for up to 90 seconds after power is removed from the circuit. Personnel working with this equipment should be trained and adequate precautions should be used whenever working with this equipment.